Tracking Our tracking system is reliable, simple, highly accurate and it’s able to withstand great loads. Using our system you can be sure that your campaigns will technically work the way you want it.

Mailing We developed automatic e-mailing system that will simplify manager’s functions. It will help you to shift the routine to the flexible adjustable automatic system.

API Aggregator Using our API aggregator you will be able to download your client offers just in one/two/… clicks. Inbuilt control system will allow you to see highest possible rate among your clients. Our aggregation system of promo materials will help you to get all the latest updates, changes and pauses firsthand.

Smartlinks Mismatched traffic that would be lost due to wrong targeting can be redirected on the appointed campaigns. Smart analytic system will rearrange mismatched traffic accordingly to the pre-set algorithms.

Ratings Offer access, variable payouts and much more are linked in innovative rating system. Using this solution you will be able to mark off traffic sources. This system might operate automatically through AntiFraud system and Optimization Module.

API We offer unique offer visibility system for the affiliates based on the publisher rating score in the system. It allows to filter and show matching campaigns based on publisher’s unique features.

Billing System of billing automatization was specially developed for the performance marketing campaigns. Your billing department will get a possibility to retrace the chain of payments thoroughly due to unique algorithm of pay-offs.

Optimisation The system performs the analysis of the given parameters in order to reach the desired goals of the campaign. With the help of this module you will be able to significantly improve the quality of your traffic.

SDK Our advertising SDK will allow you to plug into your platform. Vast selection of services allows to monetize maximal volume of traffic from the direct source.

Antifraud Full-scaled anti-fraud system allows you to evaluate traffic quality with a high precision. Built In VPN and Proxy scanners, as well as anti-bot system won’t give a single chance to be tricked by sticky fingered partners.

Link checker Check tracking links easily using our auxiliary add-on. No more lost clicks and irritating sudden offer pausing. Our LinkChecker will ensure tracking links will lead to the correct destination.

Routing Topology Our technology will help you track where traffic comes from. Using this feature you will have full layout of referrals and redirects. Graphical display of redirects helps control traffic in your system.